The day of society approved eating until you feel sick has come and gone except for whatever leftovers remain in the fridge. For me growing up on Thanksgiving my father would go around the table and have us say what we were thankful for, and even as I’ve gotten older I always remember that this day is to be thankful for every thing that I have. Continue reading



I have an incredible amount of drama in my life. My life is tough(to put it simply) and creates a lot of drama for me, but most of my drama and stress come from family members who seem to like drama and are experts at creating it.

“Life becomes so much better when you decide not to join the drama. Just live for the moment and don’t let the drama bring you down.”

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Difficult Moments

Difficult moments are a part of everyone’s life, I have been through so many in my life that dealing with one more shouldn’t be this difficult. Every moment in my life has led up to this one and I ask myself would I be willing to change some of my good moments to erase some of the bad ones? No, because in life we need to accept the good and the bad moments together, because the good moments aren’t as good without the bad.  Continue reading