Retail Therapy

Some people find shopping boring and tiresome, I am not one of those people; Shopping is one of my favorite things to do, I find it fun and therapeutic.

“Keep calm and go shopping.”

Many medical professionals have recommended that I see a therapist because they think it would help to talk about my life and how unfair it is to be me. I quite possibly am delusional, but I thing I’m okay without a therapist; I like who I am and am not angry about what I don’t have, how many people in my position can say that.

Not that I never need to talk, but when I do there is always someone to listen. I have never been a very good talker though, if someone asks me if I’m doing okay and I’m really not, I begin immediately baling like a three year old; I’m a crier, not a talker. I have always been a good shopper though, when I go shopping the stress and difficulties don’t automatically go away, but are somehow easier to handle.

retail therapy

When Stress builds up, it needs a place to go, that’s when I go shopping! It used to be difficult for me to plan a stress relieving shopping trip being that stress is not an easy thing to plan around, but now with the internet and fast shipping, online shopping is so simple.

“I was really sad, then I shopped online. Now I feel better.”


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