The definition of unbearable is: not able to be endured or tolerated. People call me strong because of what I have endured, but I don’t feel strong, I feel broken. 

God won’t give you more than you can bear. After every breathtakingly difficult moment in my life that I believed with every fiber of my being that I couldn’t bear, I wanted to scream at God and tell him that he must not know me as well as he thought cause I was breaking and I couldn’t bear the pain. But I guess God knew better.

No one knows how much they can bear until they must bear it. The moment I didn’t hear my baby’s heartbeat on the sonogram machine, my heart shattered and I didn’t think I could bear the pain. Sadly life is filled with these moments of incredible pain and being able to bear them means moving past that terrible moment and finding a new, better one. Moving on from that heartbreaking moment was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but moving on doesn’t mean being able to forget.

“Strength isn’t about how much you can handle before you break, it’s about how much you can handle after you break.”




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